2022 Police Pensioners Association of Ontario – Memorial and Meritorious Service Scholarships

The PPAO Scholarship Award program is now accepting applications.  


This year, there will be up to six $2000.00 scholarships and two new meritorious service scholarships (Dale Allan scholarship and Paul Bailey scholarship) both $3000 each.

These scholarships will be awarded to a child, grand child or great grandchild of a PPAO member in good standing. Eligible members include deceased members who were in good standing.

Applications are judged by the Scholarship Selection Panel. The Panel will review all applications and select successful applicants based on approved selection guidelines.

Online applications are eligible for submission 01 November and 31 January of the following year.

Online applications will be available on the PPAO website along with detailed instructions for submission.

The PPAO is proud supporter of these scholarships and strongly encourages all eligible students to apply.

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