POLICE PENSIONERS’ ASSOCIATION OF NIAGARA
The Police Pensioners’ Association of Niagara was formed October 28th, 1997 so that retirees of the Niagara Region Police Service (including civilians) would have a voice after retirement. Other police services in the Province of Ontario have an association and they, like us, are also members of the Police Pensioners’ Association of Ontario.

Retirees from all walks of life make up a vast majority of our population and increasingly are making their voices heard locally, provincially and federally. It is important that we have this voice to ensure that the benefits we have are not eroded.

On a more personal level, the aim of our Association is to keep retirees in touch with each other. We do this through our Annual Meeting in November and the General Meeting in the spring of each year. We also invite members and their spouse/guest to the Doug Hill Memorial BBQ which is held in August. This BBQ is provided free of charge to members in good standing (a nominal fee of $5 for General/Annual Meetings).

Membership is $20.00 a year, payable each October. Three Dollars goes to the Police Pensioners’ Association of Ontario (PPAO). By belonging to PPAO, you are entitled to group benefits when buying health insurance.

You can join the PPAN at any time. We would ask that you complete both parts of the Registration Form as the bottom portion is required under the Privacy Act. Download the forms here

Let’s make this Association a vibrant entity in keeping with the pride we had being a member of the Niagara Regional Police Service.

Gary Watkinson