Dave McCart’s Photo Collection


Top Row L-R Tom Thompson, Jimmy Reid, Bob Gardiner
2nd Row Down L-R Ray Johnson, Dave McCart, Mike Quarmby, Phil Wilcox
3rd Row Down L-R Sid Garner, Bob Fralick, Ted Owen
4th Row Down L-R Marcel Gratton, John Chunick, Bill Maile, George Duly, Joe Newburg, Ron Langille, Cleo Misener
2nd Row from bottom L-R Sgt. Owen Stanley, George West, Det. Albert Nelson, unk civilian employee, Det. Bud Walsh, Det. Alec Herman, Sgt. Harry Moore
Frt Row L-R Sgt. Walt Stevenson, Bert Tallon, Deputy Chief Fred Wilson, Mayor Gabe McCoomb, Judge Fuller, Chief Don McArter, City Clerk J.D. Watt, Sgt. Harry Bretell

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