Dave McCart’s Photo Collection


Frt Row L-R Dave McCart, Sgt. Rino Cirroco, Bill Wright, Fred Wilson, Judge Fuller, Mayor Allan Pietz, Judge Joe Gardiner, Chief Don McArter, City Clerk J.D. Watt, Sgt. Walt Stevenson, Sgt. Harry Bretell, Sgt. Harry Moore
2nd Row L-R Andy Millejours, Ed Tronko, Dave Nelson, Cleo Misener, Bob Gardiner, Steve Berlik, Ken Williams, Bob Sauder, Frank Stanley, Gary Weir
3rd Row L-R Bob Sheenan, Ted Owen, Mike Quarmby, albert Nelson, Carl Tykoliz, George Duly, Tom Carter, Len Whatmough, Ron Alvey, Paul Bruno, Bruce Chambers
Top Row L-R Martin Welychka, Larry Jewells, Ron Kisur, Gary Homan, Larry Hughey, Sid Smith, Emery Doucettee, Geo West,
Bob Clarkson, Larry Peters, Don Healey, Bob Fralick

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