Old Photo Pt. Colborne Police Personnel 1969

Pt. Colborne Police Department

Frt Row LR – Len Hockley, Stan Box, Ed Lambert, Mary Caperchione, Lincoln (Gus) Baker, Carolyn Miller, Roy Reeves, Stan Meskis, Wallace (Gus) Goodings
Middle Row LR – Roger Lampman,Terry Pooley, Dillon Guenther, Louie Potyok, Henry George, Jim Marshall, Jack Moore, Bob Eden, Joe Schonberger, John Kopinak, Joe Bukovac
Back Row LR – Merv Fretz, John Perennec, David Byng, Gary Brown, Steve Agoston, Rino Goegan, Joe Pelt, Gerry Shaubel, Jim Danko, Harry Richardson, Des Mahon, Frank Doan

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5 Responses to Pt. Colborne Police Department

  1. Len says:

    What year was this picture taken?

  2. Christine Goodings says:

    I recognise a lot of the people in this photo….my dad is on the end of the front row.

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