Computer Hackers Test

If you have a router, which most internet users do, it could be allowing hackers to get into your computer files. Recently it has been discovered that hackers have been able to access computers through your UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) feature in your router.  This feature should be shut OFF to avoid exploitation of your computer system.

A trusted website,, has set up a website to test your router to see if it is vulnerable. Here is the link to their home page,
Once arriving there, click the “PROCEED” button.
After the next page loads, click  the “GRC’s UPnP Exposure Test” button.
Hopefully you will get this response “THE EQUIPMENT AT THE TARGET IP ADDRESS DID NOT RESPOND TO OUR UPnP PROBES!” (That’s Good News!)
If you didn’t get this response, then it’s recommended that you  change your router settings, to shut off UPnP, to avoid getting hacked!

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