PPAO – Liberal Pension Policy Protection

“Some great news as it gives us a great “in” to continue to put pressure on the government.

I am reaching out to our partners in this initiative (CARP, CLC, NPF) to raise awareness and keep the momentum going.

Here is a “press release” style statement that you should consider sending to your members, with appropriate messaging for your organization.

The Liberal 2028 National Convention was held in Halifax April 19 -21. An important part of that convention was setting policy priorities for the Liberal party for the next eight years.

Protecting pensions in insolvency was one of the policies that was under consideration. After much debate it was voted in the top five of all of the policy proposals.

 Introducing the Pension Protection policy proposal to the 3,000 delegates at the convention Michael Powell, spokesperson for the four Ontario regions that sponsored the policy proposal and the President of the Canadian Federation of Pensioners, went to the core of the issue. “Anyone here who is willing to take a 40% reduction in their income from this day forward, for the rest of their lives, please stand up .. No one? How about 20%? Obviously there are no Nortel or Sears pensioners here and you will all support the Pension Protection proposal” Powell has further commented that he hopes the Liberal caucus and government move quickly on this issue to ensure there is not another Nortel, Wabush Mines, Indalex, Sears, … “The Canadian Federation of Pensioners, CARP, the Canadian Labour Congress, the National Pensioners Federation all support extending super-priority for unfunded pension liabilities in insolvency as does this proposal. It is time to move pensioners from the back of the line to near the front”.

In addition a couple of video clips you might use.

Scroll though to 30:40 to get to my introduction of the proposal. The vote was nearly unanimous in favour. Only one against


Also an impromptu video interview after the vote results were announced. PLEASE LIKE AND RETWEET! THIS IS AN EASY NO COST WAY TO GET OUR MESSAGE OUT.


Terry Hill, PPAO
Communications Director

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