Update to PPAO Request Re:OHIP Changes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following message was received through the PPAO affiliation with the Canadian Federation of Pensioners (CFP). Interesting that the General Motors salaried employee healthcare plan benefits are connected to the OHIP coverage. We are not sure whether other healthcare insurance coverage are affected in a similar manner.

The PPAO has contacted Sunlife to make sure that our plan is not somehow affected by the OHIP Out-of-Country coverage. We are waiting for an informed response.

We would suggest that all affiliates that may have other healthcare plans used for out-of-country coverage check with their insurer or broker to make sure that this OHIP amendment does not affect coverage for members.

The Canadian Snowbirds Association (CSA) are already forecasting premium increases in the area of 7-8 % as a esult of the amendment.


I am the President of GENMO (the advocacy org for GM salaried retirees) and the Canadian Federation of Pensioners, in total some 300.,000 strong.  Our affiliation with other groups gives us a voice of 4 million Canadians.

The recent Ontario government plan to eliminate OHIP out of country coverage has a significant impact on my members.

Our privately  funded health care (no cost to taxpayers) provides coverage for out of  country health care.

But coverage of claims is dependent on  OHIP.

If the claim is covered by OHIP. as meager as it might be, my private insurance pays the rest. If OHIP denies the claim I am not covered,

This is proposed legislation with significant consequences .

I have called both Lorne Cole and Lindsey Park’s offices. They are mute on the issue,

We have only until Tuesday to register our concern.

I hope you will join us

Michael Powell”

Terry Hill,

Communications Director, PPAO



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