Death of Retired NRPS Officer (S/Sgt) Gerry Stickland

Gerald Stickland passed away September 10, 2019 in Vero Beach, Florida.  He was 82 years old.  Gerald Stickland was born August 5, 1937 in Yearly, Ontario.  As a young man he moved to Fort Erie.  He married and had four sons, Clark, Richard, Gene and Phillip.  He joined the Niagara Regional [sic] Police Department in 1962.  He was well liked and well respected by his fellow officers.  He served 30 years and retired as a Staff Sergeant in 1992.

Gerry met Sandra Hall and her family in 1976. They all became good friends.  Gerry married Sandra in 1986.  They lived in St. Catharines until 1992 when Gerry retired.  They moved to Vero Beach, Florida.  They spent their summers in Fort Erie for several years.

Gerry is survived by his wife Sandra, his four sons, Clark, Richard, Gene and Phillip and Sandra’s daughter Stacey, whom he loved as his very own.  He also had grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Upon Sandra’s death, their ashes will be mixed together and they will be laid to rest in Morgan Cemetery in Falmouth, Kentucky with Sandra’s family

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