Discount and Additional Benefits for PPAN/PPAO Members – Repeat Notice

The Police Pensioners Association of Ontario is pleased to announce the next evolution for our membership. On May 2, 2019 we launched a new Membership solution with a self-service portal for our members. We have added a forum for the membership to use as an online community to connect and share. We have also partnered with businesses across Ontario to bring you discounts and will continue to use our numbers to seek out value for you.

How do you register? Simply go to our website  and fill out the online application ( We will be validating your status with your affiliate retiree group and/or your last police service to insure eligibility. Once validated you will receive an email with credentials to the membership portal and forum. You will receive a welcome package to your address, with a personalized PPAO Member identification and a list of discounts. Simply present the card at the retailer listed and receive the benefit of your PPAO membership.

Check in often as we will be posting information and events on the portal.

We are pleased to announce this latest initiative and will continue to advocate on your behalf.

Thank you for your consideration.

Paul Bailey

Police Pensioners Association of Ontario

NOTE: “Membership is restricted to Police / Civilian retirees, in good standing,  from police services in Ontario.  Once an application is made, your membership will be vetted with your previous police service and/or your police retiree affiliate organisation, to ensure you are a paid member.” – from “Members Only” link of PPAO website


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4 Responses to Discount and Additional Benefits for PPAN/PPAO Members – Repeat Notice

  1. Tim Shafley says:

    Is anyone else having trouble signing up for these discounts ??? I can’t find anything on the website to sign up for it …


    • ppaniagara says:

      Hi Tim
      Apparently you’ve already resolved this problem, but I’ve edited my “post” entry with the direct link to the PPAO sign up page and added an explanation about eligibility. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Bob

  2. Scott McConachie says:

    I’m trying to access the the discounts .I am a member #——-. It asks for e-mail and password and I don’t remember giving the information when I applied.

    • ppaniagara says:

      Thank you for sending your inquiry. To apply, you would need to be a Police Pensioners’ Association of Niagara (PPAN) or Police Pensioner’s Association of Ontario (PPAO) member, and be in good standing to qualify for the discounts. If you have any further questions, please direct them to PPAO for clarity (get contact info from their website

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