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PPAO – FYI – Border Restrictions Update

Click HERE for the entire article on the Canadian Snowbirds Association website

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PPAO’s Open Letter To Premier of Ontario Re:Covid-19/Vaccines

Ladies and Gentlemen, As has been reported previously, the PPAO Board of Directors have been monitoring the government response to the Coronavirus and the implementation of the Flu Vaccine. We are particularly interested in how they deal with ensuring seniors … Continue reading

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FYI – OMERS’ CEO Regarding Pension Fund’s Investment Strategy amid COVID-19

Blake Hutcheson, president and CEO at OMERS discusses the pension fund’s investment strategy amid COVID-19, and how OMERS integrates ESG factors into its investment decision-making processes. To view the video on the BNN website, click HERE

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PPAO – FYI – Doctors Without Borders Vaccine Petition

Ladies and Gentlemen, Doctors Without Borders are petitioning the governments to address the issue of vaccine development. The fact is that a large part of the funding for research is provided by taxpayer dollars. However, the drugs, vaccines or technologies … Continue reading

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PPAO – FYI – CAA Study More Safe Towing

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is a link to information and a petition for More Safe Towing conducted by the CAA in April 2020. ( If you agree with the CAA position, please complete the petition to be submitted to the … Continue reading

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Update to A PPAN Member’s Warning Regarding Out of Province/Country Travel Insurance Coverage

We have just been informed by another PPAN member that they contacted their SunLife representative about this issue of cancelling coverage at age 80 years, and was informed their coverage would not be cancelled or changed when they turn 80. … Continue reading

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PPAO FYI – Scam Alert

OPP warn the public to beware of companies that claim cures and prevention for COVID-19 ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE *************************** As the COVID-19 public health crisis continues, members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Anti-Rackets Branch, Health Fraud Investigation Unit (HFIU) … Continue reading

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FYI – Auto Insurance Premium Relief by Insurance Companies

UPDATED: What emergency relief will insurers offer customers? Here’s what they told us

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Nova Scotia Day of Mourning – Friday, April 24/20

            The National Police Federation (NPFFPN) is organizing a day of mourning tomorrow – Friday April 24 – to honour the victims of last weekends tragic events in Nova Scotia, including RCMP Constable Heidi Stevenson. … Continue reading

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FYI – New Measure for Annuitants of Registered Retirement Income Funds

On March 18, 2020, Prime Minister Trudeau announced a set of economic measures as part of Canada’s Covid-19 Economic Response Plan. That statement included proposed changes to the calculation of the 2020 required minimum withdrawal for registered retirement income funds (RRIF).  … Continue reading

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