PPAO FYI – OMERS Update Sent to Employers – COVID 19

At the request of Paul Bailey President PPAO, we are sending out this update from Michael Rolland from OMERS.

Subject:OMERS Update Sent to Employers – COVID 19

I am writing to share with you some information that the Pension Services team at OMERS has sent (on Monday of this week) to all of our employers regarding the COVID-19 situation and what it means from a plan administration perspective. The following link will take you to the full details that are now available on the OMERS website. (link)

Our colleagues from the OMERS Administration Corporation have been handling a number of questions from employers about the new measures under the Employment Standards Ac, 2000 recently announced by the province, and this information is intended to help ensure that all employers consistently and correctly administer the plan in respect of our members.

Feel free to share this note (and the link) with any of your sponsors that you think may have not seen the information posted on the OMERS website.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if your own organizations require any more detailed support on this issue.

Michael Rolland
Chief Executive Officer

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