PPAO – FYI – Doctors Without Borders Vaccine Petition

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Doctors Without Borders are petitioning the governments to address the issue of vaccine development. The fact is that a large part of the funding for research is provided by taxpayer dollars. However, the drugs, vaccines or technologies are sold to private companies who then control who receives the treatments and at what cost. Their petition is calling on the government to make sure that taxpayers are properly cared for without undue expense, when our tax dollars provide the research for the treatment.

Here is an excerpt from the opening page – “In fact, these publicly funded vaccines, medicines and health technologies are often sold to private companies, who then determine who receives access to them — and at what price.”

The PPAO is not promoting who should or should not use vaccines or other treatments and drugs. That is a personal choice. We do support the Doctors Without Borders efforts to make sure that the products or treatments are available and affordable to all taxpayers whose tax dollars are used for the research.

The link below is to the Doctors Without Borders website dealing with this topic. Have a look it is an interesting read. We are not promoting the participation in the petition. That is an individual choice.

Link to Doctors Without Borders

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