FYI – PPAO – Retirement and Satisfaction Survey Results

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Attached is the paper prepared by Dr. Parnoby and Broll on retiree resilience and satisfaction with life, which almost 1000 of our members participated in. The PPAO Board of Directors would like to thank those from our membership who participated in this very informative study. The PPAO Board would also like to thank Dr. Parnaby and Broll for their time and commitment into understanding our members issues post retirement.

Below is an excerpt from the email President Paul Bailey received from Dr. Parnoby;

“We have finally received word from the publisher that our research on retiree resilience and satisfaction with life has been published in the well-regarded journal “Policing: An International Journal”. This was the survey study we did with your help (and we couldn’t have done it without the PPAO). I have attached a PDF copy of the paper which you are more than welcome to share with others.”

Click HERE for the PDF copy of the paper

Terry Hill, Director PPAO

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